Top 5 Reasons To Study GCSEs & A-Levels Online

Top 5 Reasons To Study GCSEs & A-Levels Online

in General March 3, 2016

Studying GCSEs and A-Levels have become increasingly popular. The accessibility and increase of technology at our fingertips makes it easier than ever to study a particular subject or course online.

Find out below CloudLearns' top 5 reasons to study a GCSE or A-Level online: 

1. No Need To Travel!

One of the biggest pains about studying at a traditional college is the commute. Crammed into a bus or train with random strangers everyday Just to make it in for the 9am class doesn't seem all that appealing does it?

Studying a GCSE or A-Level online from the comfort of your own home at a pace that suits you is a lot more appealing in our eyes!



2. Leave those heavy course books behind.

No longer will you need to carry around a bag filled with ridiculously oversized textbooks all day. One of the advantages of studying online is that, technically all you need to study your course is your smartphone (Which you are already carrying anyway!)


3. Speak to your tutor anytime.

In a classroom setting, your lecturer only has so much time to spend with an individual student. You may be anxious to speak up in class and ask your lecturer a question, in turn stunting your learning.

With CloudLearn you can send a message to your tutor anytime. Whether it's about a particular problem you're having or advice on exam preparation, they are there to help.

4. More Free Time

Being able to study whenever and wherever you like gives you that greater freedom and flexibility when it comes to your studies. You can choose to study in mornings or later in the evening - whichever suits your style of studying.


5. Gain the same qualification but faster.

Traditionally, a college would start a course in September, you would study this course over a year and you would then take the exam in the summer diet.

Studying your GCSE or A-Level online with CloudLearn allows you to essentially Fast Track your learning. You can enrol on any of the courses we offer at anytime in the year, with exams for GCSEs taking place in January and May/June whilst A-Level exams take place in May/June.

If you would like to start studying your GCSEs or A-Levels online, have a look at the courses we offer here!